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Dr. Nirav Patel, DDS – Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Nirav Patel, DDS - Cosmetic Dentist in Irving Texas TX

First Impressions are Permanent!

As the global population keeps skyrocketing, so does the competition for anything worth having. Whether you’re competing for a new job, the affection of your step-parents, or a new crush, having a bright and shiny smile is a huge benefit and automatically puts you a step ahead of the competition.

We are born with naturally white teeth but over time, the plaque buildup from the stuff we eat and drink diminishes our shine. Not only does the quality and color of our teeth deteriorates with time, but they might also need tooth colored fillings, veneers, dental crowns, or straightening with a program like Clear Correct.

Thankfully there are places like Dental Concepts Care in Irving, TX that can provide you with a qualified family dentist like Dr. Nirav Patel with stellar cosmetic dental care skills to provide you with a smile makeover.

There are many different ways to improve your smile and Dental Concepts Care offers all of them at their offices. The services they offer include;

  1.     Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening program offered at Dental Concepts will have your teeth looking significantly whiter after just a single visit.

  1.   Six Month Smiles Braces

Straighten your smiles in a mere six months with this program that transforms your crooked smile into a perfect straight one.

  1.  Clear Correct Braces

If you aren’t keen on having metal braces in your mouth, you can go with this option instead. Clear Correct is a braces program that uses invisible braces made right in Texas.

  1.  Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you need a filling but don’t want it to stick out amongst your other teeth, this option is perfect for you. Dental Concepts offers fillings that match the exact shade and style of your teeth so nobody except you will even know it’s there.

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If you aren’t happy with your smile and you are looking for anything from a simple teeth whitening, to porcelain crown fitting or even a braces program, Dental Concepts Care is the place for you.

Located right in the heart of Texas, we have an experienced team of professionals who can take care of all your oral health needs and put you on the path to a beautiful straight shining smile in no time.

If you want to achieve dental perfection, get in touch with Dr. Nirav Patel at Dental Concepts today at 972-869-2273. A better smile is just a phone call away!


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