Fluoride and Tooth Sealants

Preventive dentistry is the key to a happy, healthy mouth. And, at the office of Dr. Nirav Patel, we offer a wide variety of preventive dentistry services to help you preserve the enamel of your teeth, avoid periodontal disease, and evade tooth decay!

In addition to standard hygienic cleaning services, we offer fluoride treatments and tooth sealants. Curious to learn more about these services? We’d love to give you more details!

Floride Treatment by Dr. Nirav Patel, DDS - Dentist in Irving TexasFluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay, and help you restore your teeth to a healthy state. A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride is safe and extremely powerful. It can be found in a variety of foods and most municipal water supplies.

Fluoride is powerful because it discourages deterioration and replenishes resistance in your teeth. Each day, fluoride helps curb enamel loss by reducing tooth acidity and dismissing bacteria. Not only that, it also encourages minerals to bind to the enamel of teeth, restoring a healthier smile and mitigating tooth decay.

While fluoride can be found in most dental products, sometimes a fluoride treatment is required to further curb effects of tooth decay. In this process, the treatment will be painted onto the teeth by Dr. Patel. In only a few short minutes, the treatment will take effect and can then rinse it out. This will help prevent cavities for 3-12 months, and allow for a higher level of overall oral health.

Tooth Sealants

A “tooth sealant” is exactly what it sounds like. Bacteria cannot damage tooth enamel if they cannot reach it. So tooth sealants are used to coat teeth at risk of decay, covering them with an advanced polymer material which lasts for years. They are very useful for teeth that are susceptible to cavities – like the rear molars – and have been shown to reduce the risk of a cavity forming by up to 80%, making sealants a powerful tool in the fight against tooth decay.

The process is simple and noninvasive. The team at Dental Concepts will clean your mouth and then Dr. Nirav Patel will place a special acerbic solution on the tooth, and allow it to dry. This allows the sealant to set. It then hardens either with a harmless UV light, or a two-component chemical process, depending on the product. Then, this thin layer will harden and set into place. Durable and almost unnoticeable, dental sealants can protect your teeth for years!

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At Dental Concepts, Dr. Nirav Patel specializes in both fluoride treatments and tooth sealants, as well as a variety of general and preventive dentistry treatments. If you or your children require fluoride treatments or tooth sealants to ensure a healthy mouth, our family-friendly practice is a wonderful choice. We prioritize educating you on the process here at Dental Concepts. We will give you the information you need every step of the way and help you avoid further dental issues in the future.

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