Having crooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and cause oral health issues such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Braces are a proven method for straightening your teeth and can create a healthy, comfortable bite and a symmetrical smile.

So why should you choose braces?

Treatment with Braces is Personalized to Create a Better Bite and a Beautiful Smile

Braces can improve your self-esteem.
Creating a straight, symmetrical smile with braces encourages a more positive self-image and helps you enter new situations with confidence. 

Braces treat a range of alignment issues.
Treatment with braces is easily customizable to treat a variety of issues, from slightly crooked teeth to potentially serious jaw concerns.

Braces can improve your bite.
A properly aligned bite makes it easier to chew, aiding the digestion process and eliminating unnecessary wear and tear on your teeth.

Let’s break it down and see how braces work...

Crooked Teeth Can Affect Your Quality of Life

In general, individuals with straight teeth are more likely to be seen as happy, healthy, and intelligent. Over 38 percent of Americans would consider refusing a second date with someone who has crooked teeth.

Make a good first impression every time with a straighter smile.

But what about Invisalign®?

Many patients have heard about the wonders of Invisalign’s clear aligner system. While Invisalign works for some individuals, it may not effectively treat more advanced, complex cases. For patients concerned about metal braces, there are a variety of aesthetic options available, including clear braces and tooth-colored ceramic brackets.

Take a closer look at how braces straighten your smile:

The archwire works together with the brackets to slowly guide your teeth into place.

The Route to a Straighter Smile


At your first appointment, your orthodontist will examine your smile and create a personalized braces treatment plan. 

Spacer Appointment

About a week before bonding your braces, you will need to have spacers placed between your molars to make room for the orthodontic bands.

Bonding Appointment

During this visit, your orthodontist will bond the brackets to the front or back of your teeth and place the wire and bands.


About every six to eight weeks, you will return to your orthodontist’s office so they can adjust your braces. Typically, treatment with braces takes between 18 and 24 months.

Debonding Appointment

Once your treatment is complete, your orthodontist can remove your brackets and take impressions for your retainer

Long-Term Checkup

Your dentist will likely recommend scheduling an appointment about 18 months after your treatment ends to ensure your new smile is staying put. 

Not sure if braces are right for you?

Schedule a Consultation

There are many different options available for straightening your smile. One of the most popular alternatives is clear aligners, such as Invisalign® and ClearCorrect. However, these systems cannot exert the same amount of force on teeth and may not be the right choice for everyone. Your dentist can recommend the optimal method for you.

A misaligned bite can cause a range of oral health issues, from decay and gum disease to tooth loss. If you are concerned about a crooked smile, schedule an appointment and speak to your dentist about braces today.

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